Moeller Aerospace is an industry-leading manufacturer of specialized self-locking fluid fittings, borescope plugs and drain plugs, turnbuckles, bearing lock nuts (retaining nuts) and other fasteners.

Our proprietary Click-Loc™ locking devices take security to a whole new level.

Moeller specializes in machined parts for the gas turbine aircraft engine and power generation industries. Moeller manufactures precision machined parts ranging from small items such as bladelocks to complex brackets, housings, and manifolds. We are also heavily involved in blade and vane manufacturing.

Frequently used materials include nickel alloys, stainless steels, titanium, and super-alloys in wrought, forged, and cast form as well as composites. Over the years we have developed an entire business unit specializing in machining Titanium Aluminide alloys.

Click-Loc™ was conceived in 1991 in response to PW/USAF requirements for self-locking fluid fittings for the F119 engine. Today, several national and international organizations continue to use Click-Loc for their needs.

In addition to Click-Loc™, our locking device product lines include FlexThread™ products.

Quality Policy

Moeller Manufacturing Company will work to provide products that meet or exceed the quality and delivery requirements of our customers. Moeller’s emphasis will always be on continuous improvements.

Our management’s values are demonstrated by a history of over 65 years of investing in the right people, reinvesting in the business, and servicing our customers with honesty and integrity. Our ownership and management is committed to foster these same values in our employees so they will continue this tradition and ensure our success in the future.

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our history


Click-Loc is conceived in response to PW/USAF requirement for self-locking fluid fittings for F119 engine.


CL proposed to GE for self-locking fluid fittings for GE90 fuel nozzle/manifold and selected by GE. CL borescope plug first conceived, engine tested by GE, and selected for GE90. Retrofittable design for fluid fittings conceived. Nut/bolt design conceived.


CL drain plug conceived and selected by GE/Argotech for GE90 fuel pump and filter. USAF initiates project to retrofit F110 fuel nozzle/manifold with CL. Turnbuckle design conceived and selected by GE for GE90 support links.


CL selected by Snecma for GE90 borescope plugs. CL turnbuckles selected by Lockheed for F-22 aerial refueling door.


Moeller/Aeroquip JV effort for fluid fittings. USAF contract issued for F110 fluid fitting retrofit program.


Boeing selects CL for F-22 lateral support links (engine mount turnbuckles). Bendix selects CL for F-22 brake bleeder valves. Universal design for fluid fittings conceived and selected by PWC for PW100 engine family.


Rolls-Royce selects CL for EJ200 borescope plugs.


U.S. Army selects CL for Crusader cannon cooling system fluid fittings. Sikorsky selects CL for RAH-66 Comanche helicopter pitch control rods (turnbuckles).


General Dynamics selects CL for Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) fluid fitting retrofit. “Click-Loc” name conceived by David Moellering.


PW selects CL for F135 borescope plug.


Rolls-Royce selects CL for F136 borescope plug.


GE selects CL for F136 borescope plugs.


GE selects CL for GE38 borescope plugs. PW selects CL for GTF borescope plugs.


Lockheed Martin selects CL for F-35 Pylon locks.


GE selects CL for F110-129 fuel nozzle/manifold retrofit. Initial drop-in replacement design conceived and tested by GE in GE9x.


GE Power selects CL for powergen turbine fuel nozzle fluid fittings. Blue Origin selects CL for launch vehicle gas fill port plugs. Rolls-Royce selects CL for F-35B lift fan borescope plug retrofit.


CL present drop-in replacement design conceived.


GE selects CL for second source borescope plugs for LEAP and GEnx using drop-in replacement design.

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