In 1992, Moeller Aerospace invented a proprietary self-locking technology called Click-Loc® to replace faulty, time-consuming lock-wire and safety cable typically found on aircraft engines but can be tailored to meet any type of secondary self-locking need. The Click-Loc® product portfolio includes Self-Locking Fluid Fittings, Self-Locking Fasteners, and Self-Locking Plugs, each of which is custom-designed to meet the needs of its application. Engineered to exceed the life of the product, Click-Loc® quickly became the most robust and reliable self-locking technology on the market today with now over 25 years in service with zero reported failures in the field. While first invented for aircraft engines, Click-Loc® technology has evolved over time to encompass Industrial Gas Turbines and Space applications as well and is currently being pursued by other industries.

Established in 1949, Moeller Aerospace has become an industry leader in complex precision component supply for Aero and Industrial markets with expertise in Milling, Turning, Conventional and Creep-Feed Grinding, EDM and Super-Abrasive machining technologies.

In 2016, Moeller Aerospace was purchased by AE Industrial Partners, a private equity firm specializing in Aerospace, Defense & Government Services, Power Generation, and Industrial markets.

Click-Loc® history


Click-Loc® concept generated in response to Pratt & Whitney/US Air Force requirement for self-locking fluid fittings to replace lockwire on the F119 engine.


CL self-locking fittings and self-locking borescope plugs invented and sourced for GE90 fuel nozzle/manifold.

CL self-locking fastener design invented.

CL self-locking fluid fitting retrofit design invented.


CL self-locking drain plug sourced on GE90 fuel pump to address fallout caused by high vibration.

CL self-locking turnbuckle invented and sourced for GE90 support links.


CL self-locking borescope plugs adapted by Snecma for GE90 engine.

CL self-locking turnbuckle design sourced by Lockheed Martin to address tight tolerances required to operate F-22 refueling door.


U.S. Air Force contract issued for CL self-locking fluid fitting retrofit of F110-100 engines to address leaking fluid fitting on main fuel manifold connector that resulted in the loss of 2 aircraft.

CL took flight on first Boeing 777 GE90 engine.


CL self-locking engine mount turnbuckles sourced for Lockheed F-22 lateral support links.

CL fluid-fitting sourced for Lockheed F-22 brake bleeder valves.

First universal design of fluid fittings sourced for PW100 engine family (accommodates all mating parts on engine).


CL self-locking borescope plugs sourced by Rolls Royce for EJ200 engine.


U.S. Army selects CL self-locking fluid fittings for Crusader Cannon cooling system.


General Dynamics selects CL fluid fitting retrofit design for Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV).


CL self-locking borescope plugs sourced by Pratt & Whitney for F135 engine.


CL self-locking borescope plugs sourced for GE38 engine.

CL self-locking borescope plug suite sourced for GTF PW1000G engine.


CL self-locking fastening system sourced by Lockheed Martin to replace lockwire in an ergonomically difficult location on the F-35 weapons pylons.


CL self-locking fluid-fitting retrofit sourced by GE for F110-129 engine nozzle/manifold.

First CL drop in plug replacement design invented and tested on GE9x engine.


CL self-locking fluid fittings sourced by GE Power to address error proofing issue with safety wire installation on LM2500 IGT engine fuel injector nozzle.

CL self-locking plugs sourced by Blue Origin to address a leaking refueling outlet on the launch pad fuel fill port.

CL self-locking plugs sourced by Rolls Royce for the F-35B lift fan oil fill port.


CL self-locking drop-in replacement borescope plugs sourced by GE for LEAP and GEnx engines.


10-year LTA agreement for CL self-locking borescope plug suite with Pratt & Whitney on GTF PW1000G engine.

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