Our Click-Loc® nut/bolt and washer/bolt self-locking fastener systems can be used for a wide array of applications in harsh environments and hard-to-reach areas across multiple industries.

Self-Locking Fastener Systems by Click-Loc®: Simple Solutions for Complex Needs

Every industry is comprised of systems or technology that cannot fail.  Those critical systems are what our self-locking technology is ...
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What is Click-Loc? It's a small, secondary self-locking device with enormous significance.

What is Click-Loc®?

What is Click-Loc®?  That’s a good question. It’s a simple solution to a multitude of problems. It was developed for ...
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Engineering Workshop: Design, Manufacturing, and Tool Management Processes

As global leaders in the design and manufacturing of machined parts for the gas turbine aircraft engine and power generation ...
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Learn how Click-Loc® surpasses the ease, reliability, and reusability of other secondary locking devices.

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