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Fluid Fitting Loosening and Leakage
Click-Loc® Fluid Fitting Torque Test Procedure (draft)
Fluid Fitting Click-Loc® Lockring Installation Instructions
Turnbuckle Click-Loc® Lockring Installation Instructions
Borescope Plug Click-Loc® Insert Installation Instructions


Click-Loc® SW31511 Sleeve Installation and Removal Method Drawing GDLS EFV Click-Loc® Retrofit Installation Instructions – Word97
Click-Loc® Universal Components System Integration Information – Word97


F110-129 fuel nozzle – photo 1
F110-129 fuel nozzle – photo 2
F110-129 fuel nozzle – photo 3
F110-129 fuel nozzle – photo 6
F110-129 fuel nozzle – photo 7
F110-129 fuel nozzle – photo 8
F110-129 and F110-100/400 fuel nozzle comparison
Controlling dimension for Click-Loc&#153 fluid fitting retrofit kits
Size -16 Click-Loc&#153 fluid fitting re-use test 010700-1 graph
Size -16 sleeve after 100 cycle test 010700-1
Size -16 lockring after 100 cycle test 010700-1
Delta size -08 Click-Loc&#153 retrofit lockring
Delta size -08 Click-Loc&#153 retrofit sleeve
Delta size -08 Click-Loc&#153 retrofit installed
Click-Loc&#153 EJ200 borescope plug lockring installation method
Click-Loc&#153 EJ200 borescope plug system
Click-Loc&#153 EJ200 borescope plug detail parts
Click-Loc&#153 Fluid Fittings Display
Click-Loc&#153 Borescope Plugs Display
Click-Loc&#153 SW31504 Lockring Envelope Dimensions
Click-Loc&#153 SW31511 Sleeve Envelope Dimensions
GE Fuel Nozzle Fitting with Click-Loc&#153 Locking Device
Size -06 Beamseal Fitting End and Click-Loc&#153 Locking Device
Assembly Tooling for MTU Click-Loc&#153 Borescope Plugs for EJ200
Revised Service Limit for 1864M50P01 (SW31416)
Click-Loc&#153 SW31511 Sleeve Installation and Removal Method Drawing

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