When Moeller invented their Click-Loc® self-locking technology, they had one main goal in mind: provide the aerospace industry with secondary fastening features other self-locking devices don’t already have.

And that’s what they made happen. Two of the most notable features of the Click-Loc® Self-Locking Technology are anti-rotation and reusability. These benefits truly make a difference in the ease of use and security of the technology that, in turn, creates greater peace of mind.

Anti-Rotation Capabilities of Click-Loc® Self-Locking Technology

Click-Loc Self-Locking Technology features anti-rotation and reusability benefits.The purpose of a secondary locking mechanism is to provide redundancy in the event the primary locking mechanism fails. So, what a user wants most out of a secondary locking device is for it to do its job and never rotate once locked in place. Traditional secondary retention devices like lock-wire can become brittle and break off, causing component back off and FOD risk. Click-Loc® technology is designed to overcome these risks.

Our self-locking fluid fittings, plugs, and fasteners have a 100% locking mechanism designed to never loosen and never back-off. Manufactured from heat-treated Inconel for tensile strength and spring properties, Click-Loc® devices are strong and durable. Their unibody beam spring and detent cam forms a robust design architecture. Reliability is ensured through its self-locking feature that is always engaged and independent of spring function.

Reusability of Secondary Locking Devices

Traditional secondary retention devices like lock-wire and safety cable are not reusable and instead require significant time and training to conform to FAA requirements for installation and removal after every use.

Instead, our Click-Loc® technology takes only seconds to install and can be removed just as easily for regularly scheduled system maintenance time and time again. Using low stress wave springs and torque control technology, our products have achieved hundreds of assembly and disassembly cycles without failure, so you can feel confident in their reusability. To add to this, no special training or tools are required. Click-Loc® devices are designed to be mistake-proof with one way installation ensuring they are installed the right way every time.

Click-Loc’s™ anti-rotation and reusability features are applicable for all applications, which gives our customers assurance that no matter how they apply our technology, it will do its job the first time and all the time.

Experience the Difference

Click-Loc® Self-Locking Technology was designed as an alternative to lockwire and other secondary locking devices but can satisfy any secondary self-locking need. In addition to its anti-rotation and reusability features, it is easy to use and can operate in temperatures up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Click-Loc® technology is customized to meet the needs of your application, whether your product already exists or is still in development.

To learn more about Click-Loc®, call us or visit our website.

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