As the aerospace industry gathered for two of its biggest annual events, Moeller Aerospace and our innovative Click-Loc Technology took center stage. The LOA 2024 Symposium and MRO Americas provided the perfect platforms to showcase how Click-Loc is transforming aircraft maintenance and driving increased safety and efficiency.

LOA 2024 Symposium (3/26-3/29)

The hallways were buzzing with excitement at this year’s LOA Symposium as Moeller Aerospace unveiled a cutting-edge display. Front and center was a section of a real aircraft engine case with Click-Loc Borescope Plugs installed – giving attendees a tangible look at the technology in action. This hands-on experience generated tremendous engagement as visitors could physically walk up and install a Click-Loc plug themselves, better understanding the benefits over cumbersome traditional safety wiring.

The buzz amplified with our Click-Loc Challenge competition. Dozens of participants put their skills to the test, racing against the clock to quickly install both traditional hardware with safety wire and Click-Loc components. The competition was fierce and provided the opportunity to experience first-hand the difference in standard hardware versus the ease of use of Click-Loc Self-Locking Technology. Congratulations to the top finishers, who were awarded a Click-Loc prize pack that included a Carhartt Tool Bag, Leatherman Multi-Tool, Towel, and other Click-Loc swag!

1st: Bryden at 3:12
2nd: Gandy at 3:28
3rd: Lomax at 3:42
4th: Arrington at 3:44
5th: Knouff at 3:46

With attendance ranging from logistic operators to senior leadership, it was an incredible opportunity to drive awareness for Click-Loc’s role in enhancing aircraft safety and readiness across defense operations.

MRO Americas (4/9-4/11)

The momentum only grew at MRO Americas in Atlanta. Once again, our exhibit put Click-Loc in the spotlight with a head-to-head demo against traditional hardware and safety wiring. Attendees couldn’t get enough, lining up to install both Click-Loc and standard components to experience the night-and-day difference firsthand. The ease and efficiency of our solution was on full display.

Moeller Aerospace also hosted an event in the Aviation Maintenance Competition, which achieved record-breaking participation with 90 teams competing. As part of our support, Click-Loc awarded prizes to the elite professional and student winners:
Professional Winner: United Airlines – Base
Student Winner: George T. Baker Aviation Technical College

MRO by the numbers showcased an incredible global presence:

  • 17,000+ attendees
  • 979 exhibitors
  • 99 countries & 50 U.S. states represented
  • Over 1,800 airline representatives

As the dust settles on these major events, one thing is clear – awareness and enthusiasm for Click-Loc technology is soaring. Aircraft mechanics, airlines, and militaries are all taking notice of the game-changing potential in streamlining maintenance operations while enhancing safety.

The buzz around Click-Loc will only grow louder as we prepare for MRO Americas 2025 in Atlanta next April 8-10. Stay tuned by checking Aviation Week’s website for updates! If you’d like to see what MRO is all about, check out the 2024 recap video here on YouTube!

Moeller Aerospace is riding high after our successful presence at LOA and MRO. We’re energized to keep driving adoption of Click-Loc as the aerospace industry’s solution for safer, smarter, and more efficient aircraft maintenance.

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